Kuntam Mary Susmitha Karunya

Physiotherapy, B.P.T

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T.)

  •   Strong communication skills.
  •   Adept technological Handling Skills.
  •   Convincing and smooth handling of patients & Students.
  •   Hardworking and determined.
  •   Optimistic and Challenge-Ready.
  •   Expertise in Medical Presentations, Seminars and Medical Lectures and Event Anchoring/ Hosting.
  •   Experienced in Handling, Designing and Managing both Medical and Non-Medical Events.

  • Workshops, Seminars, Conferences Attended:

    Participated in workshop on pulmonary functions tests in 2015 conducted at GSL medical college.Participated in conference PHYSIOCON 2K15 conducted at Swatantra Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Rajahmundry.

    Achivements of Kuntam Mary Susmitha Karunya

     Professional Achievements

      Internship sgsl general hospital & swatantra multi-   specialities, rajahmundry

      Orthopedics, Male and Female orthopedics general and special wards, 1 month Neurology, Female ward, 1 month

      Neurology , Male and Female Neuro-medicine and Neuro-surgery wards and Casuality department, 1 month

      Cardiology and Pulmonology, Male and Female pulmonology wards, AMC, ICCU, PICU, RICU, NICU, CTVS-ICU, Male and Female Pre-Operative CTVS ward.(day and night shifts), 1 month

      General Medicine and General Surgery, Male and Female Medical and Surgical Wards, 1 month

      Community Medicine, Wards, Out-Patient Physiotherapy, ICCU and ICU at Swatantra Multispecialities, 1 month

      Out-Patient Physiotherapy, Out-Patient Physiotherapy Department at GSL General Hospital, 1 month

    Academic Achievements

      Swatantra Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Affiliated to Dr.NTR University of Health SCIENCES, VIJAYAWADA), Rajahmundry, AP.
    Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T.)